This year on my TV: A quick review of the shows I’ve been watching

Combine winter with more Covid lockdowns, and lately I’ve had plenty of time to absorb all the latest TV shows. I’m not one to jump onto bandwagons when it comes to TV (I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones), but I couldn’t ignore the recommendations I got from friends to catch these shows. In no particular order, and with a spoiler alert, here are my quick ratings on everything I’ve watched in the last few months.

I May Destroy You: 7/10

I loved: The final episode! I won’t go into any great detail, because there’s so many articles about it, but it really made me think about what I want out of a television finale. Do I want redemption for the character? Do I want to be challenged? Do I want to be left to my own imagination? The concept of the final episode was close to genius, and a thought-provoking ending to an all too familiar story.

I liked: How relatable the characters were. Arabella and Terry had an infectious sense of friendship, centred around a “Your birth is my birth, your death is my death” mantra.

I struggled with: Arabella’s lack of dedication to her writing, particularly in the first few episodes. I realise she was going through a tough time, and maybe that was the point. I felt frustrated with her to begin with, but was slowly pulled into her reality.

Unbelievable: 9/10

I loved: The two lead female actors – Toni Collette and Merritt Wever. They had great chemistry and I loved how Grace’s assertive nature complemented Karen’s calm demeanour. Both women were simply kick ass, and I enjoyed watching their professional relationship develop into a powerful team.

I liked: The whodunnit nature of the series, I was hooked!

I struggled with: Those two male detectives that bullied Marie about her story and her witness statement. Like, come on man, give her a break! I have no doubt this is what it’s really like for women reporting sexual assault to police.

White Lotus: 7.5/10

I loved: Armond! Even though he wasn’t perfect, he was a pin up for all customer service roles, everywhere. He dealt with the constant barrage of unhappy and questioning customers in such a relatable and comical way.

I liked: The exploration of privilege.

I struggled with: Rachel going back to Shane. It raised a lot of questions about relationships and what we are with and without our partner. I hoped that Rachel would have realised she’s better off alone.

Mare of Easttown: 8.5/10

I loved: Mare’s commitment. You could see she just went all in for the town, and I loved seeing her take charge. Her relationships with her mother and her daughter weren’t soft, but they were honest and felt real.

I liked: The small moments of humour scattered throughout the show, especially from Mare’s mother.

I struggled with: How awful Brianna is. Erin didn’t deserve her harsh words!

Big Little Lies: 8/10

I loved: Ed Mackenzie suggesting that him and Madeline renew their vowels at the end of Season 2. After all the awful things the characters go through, do and say to each other, it was a beautiful moment.

I liked: The suspense of who dies at the end of Season 1.

I struggled with: The women, especially Renata and Madeline, and that despite their abundance of wealth they can’t always see what’s important.


Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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