Couch to how many kilometres? The decision to enter my first half marathon

I’ll admit I’ve never had a very affectionate relationship with running, though I have enjoyed a ‘ morning jog’ from time to time. I’ve never fallen head over heels for the runners high, nor have I ever challenged myself to long distances. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I would go for 5km runs around our suburb, while listening to a mix tape of pop music on my iPod Nano. For years I would run the exact same route, twice a week, dull I know. I never ran more than 5kms, mainly because I liked the fact that exactly two laps of my suburb was 5kms – I’d figured it out on Google maps – but mostly because I didn’t think I was capable of running any further.

Fast forward to my late twenties, and my relationship with running is now evolving. A few months ago my partner and I discovered we could run 10kms without stopping, when we did it together one autumn morning. We gave each other so many contingency plans and caveats – “I’ll probably stop, if I do, you keep going, don’t wait for me.” However, just over an hour later, we finished quite comfortably and wondered why we hadn’t done it sooner.

And now, I’ve joined a running club in my city which trains three mornings per week, and low and behold I’ve been convinced by a friend to sign up for a half marathon. I was going to sign up for a 10kms event which is happening on the same day, but my friend made the point that I could run 10kms anytime, when was I going to run a half marathon on my own? Probably never.

The event is in exactly 15 weeks, and I’m confident this should allow me enough time to train and get my kms up. This is not to say I’m not nervous, because I am, but I’m keen for the challenge and to see if I can physically do it. I’ve already been searching training plans, watching runners dish out advice on YouTube, and learned that it really is okay to give yourself some walking intervals in a long distance event – apparently this is called the ‘Galloway method’ or ‘jeffing’.

With the mornings currently hovering around zero degrees Celsius, but Spring just around the corner, I’m looking forward to running in some slightly warmer weather and challenging myself to new times and distances each week. Not only am I excited for the event itself, but the training journey to get there.

Tell me, have you run a half marathon? What was it like? I’d love to hear some tips and anecdotes!


Featured photo by Martin Zemlickis on Unsplash

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