But what if I want to stay the same? The pressure to reflect and grow at the end of the year

As I sit down to eat my breakfast in the sunshine, I couldn’t resist a final blog post to close 2019 off. As for what to write about, I felt that a post reflecting on the year gone by would probably be fitting. I mean it’s the final day of the year, everything else is irrelevant!

As 2019 comes to a close, I know I am ready to grow into 2020, do better, be a better person, change some habits. There’s also some things I’ll keep the same because I like how they are. 

Everywhere you scroll, everyone is reflecting, looking back, moving forward and setting goals, articulating their aspirations, and putting behind their miseries. There is something unique about the end of the year that turns everyone into a pessimist and an optimist at the same time. 2019 was just awful, but 2020 will be better, I just know it. There is also pressure to look back on the year and have a reason to leap out of bed on January 1st, with a shopping list of habits to either form or break.

There can be some good that comes out of this type of thinking. Throughout the year we are so caught up in out busy lives that a few days to reflect is probably needed. Taking stock of what you achieved and learned is a good way to remind yourself of how great you really are. Thinking about how you can improve and do better next year is conducive to a ‘growth mindset’ we hear so much about, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Though, New Year’s Eve shouldn’t be the only time we pause to reflect or set a goal, if we want to set goals that is. If your light bulb moment comes at the end of March, or you finally move on from that toxic relationship in the middle of June, then you have every reason to look in whatever direction you need, meditate, reflect or not think at all.

As the world keeps on turning, our minds are allowed to keep on turning too. With each new day comes an opportunity for change, or a reason to carry on as we were. I hope the new year brings you new opportunities to think, grow or keep things consistent.

Until next year.


Featured Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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