New age and new feelings: When your birthday leaves you with mixed emotions

It was my birthday a few days ago, and I had a really lovely day! My partner and I spent the weekend in a country town where we soaked up the sun and some fresh country air. On the day of my birthday we started with a hike through a national park, before eating brunch at a local cafe. In the afternoon we visited some wineries in the region and then grabbed dinner at the local pub. The highlight for me was at one of the wineries where the staff put together a delightful cheese board and poured us each a glass. My partner and I sat on the veranda looking out at the vineyard, chatting about life, eating yummy food and drinking nice wine. It was perfect. The day was just what I wanted – quality time with my partner, exploring a new town, time out in nature and just relaxing.

As much as I enjoyed the day, I can’t deny that I felt somewhat overwhelmed and a little bit emotional. I felt like the day morphed ever so slightly into how I view New Year’s Eve; a stock take of your life and a day that absolutely must be enjoyed, there’s no excuse to feel anything but happy. Each present and phone call is a reminder of the people who love you, and also a reminder to make sure you enjoy this very important day.

I was so grateful for the friends who reached out to wish me a happy birthday – I received some lovely messages. I was also left wondering, at the back of my mind, why some other friends hadn’t reached out. Did they forget? I remembered their birthday last month, why can’t they remember mine? Granted my birthday is not on Facebook anymore, and I realised maybe we do live in a world where people need Facebook and their phones to remember these things. I don’t know my partner’s phone number off by heart, so I shouldn’t blame a friend for not remembering a birthday.

Your birthday only occurring once a year is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and eat that cake, but it’s also a catalyst for caring so much more about having a good day and reflecting on the people in your life. Turning another year older as a child and teen is another inch closer to freedom, important milestones and reveling in your youth. In your mid to late twenties I’ve realised it’s a different set of feelings. Perhaps the solution is to care less, and trust me I’ve considered it.

Now that my birthday has been and gone, I can honestly say I am excited about my new age. It’s a reminder that I am an intelligent woman who has achieved so much, and that my confidence has come a long way since I was a teenager. If nothing else, it’s already prompted me to stand up for myself at work when I otherwise wouldn’t have. Trivial, I know, but whatever works right? Time to act my age, and perhaps it’s time to not worry so much.


Featured Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash


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