Looking backwards, moving forwards: Birthday reflections and aspirations

It’s my birthday soon, and I’m feeling reflective. While I’m not approaching a milestone worthy of big balloons, I will be turning a new age. A whole new number, another lap around the sun, and just another day in my late twenties.

In honour of this brand spanking new age, I felt compelled to jot down some lessons learned from the last year, and things I hope to achieve in the next.

What I have learned:

# 1 – Not every family celebrates Christmas in the same way.

I spent my first Christmas with my partner’s family, and it was a very small affair. With just five of us around the table for lunch, it was a far cry from the 30+ cousins, aunts and uncles I’m usually greeting. I had a lovely day and while I already knew that no two families are the same, this Christmas was a timely reminder.

# 2 – It’s okay to take a break from full time work.

Earlier this year I took three months off full time work. I’m lucky I was able to do this without completely jeopardising my career or my finances. It wasn’t typical of someone my age to be taking such a long break, but at the time I knew it was the right thing to do. Once the three months was up, I started a new job feeling both rejuvenated and motivated.

# 3 – Being injured sucks way more than putting on a few kilos

I’ve had my fair share of physio appointments this year, due to various injuries from snowboarding and going too hard at the gym. While it has left me with less money, it’s also made me appreciate more the ability to just move your body, pain free.

# 4 – It’s okay if a friendship has changed for no explainable reason

Just because a friendship has changed, doesn’t mean you should think less of yourself. Yes it can be stressful and you are left wondering what went wrong, but it’s okay. Give yourself permission to let go and surround yourself with good people. People come and go, and the true friends always come back.

# 5 – Hiking is good for the body and soul

Stepping away from the treadmill and into the sunshine is such a good way to get your heart rate up and look after your mind. I’ve been making more of an effort to hike this year, and it’s been refreshing to walk between the trees and up the mountains.

What I hope to achieve

# 1 – Keeping a consistent blogging routine

Sitting down to write a blog post (including this one) is such a sweet escape, and I want to keep it up on a consistent basis. Even if I can’t think of anything revolutionary to write about, I’ll think of something and hopefully the words will keep flowing.

# 2 – Have faith in my abilities, especially at work

Work isn’t everything, but I’m looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me, and practising some self-belief while I’m at it.

# 3 – Learn more about financial ‘stuff’

When it comes to knowing about superannuation, home loans, mortgages, interest rates, and shares, I feel a little behind the eight ball. While I don’t plan on investing just yet, I do want to feel empowered to make that decision if I want to.

# 4 – Longer bike rides

I already have a good habit of riding my bike to work and back, though I’d like to spend more time going for long rides on the weekend. Also, I can’t really run properly right now so bike riding is a good way to get some cardio in.

# 5 – Read outside my comfort zone

While I won’t be diving into a topic I blatantly don’t care for, I do want to try and read more articles and books that I may not ordinarily pick up. I’m bound to learn something along the way.

Happy Birthday to me!


Featured Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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