In full bloom: When it’s time to spring clean your mindset

Spring is arriving in Australia. I say arriving because while we have technically entered September, the spring equinox (23rd September) is still to come, so we are in the transition stage if you will.

Whichever calendar you follow, spring time is a great time to clean out the clutter, reorganize the house and spend more time outdoors. The days are getting a little longer and the sun is shining that little bit brighter. It’s a time of increased productivity and rearranging the physical objects in our life.

Another thing that sometimes needs a ‘clean out’ is our mindset, how we perceive things around us, how we perceive ourselves. These past few months I’ve been feeling somewhat anxious about a few things in my life, namely a close friendship that is going through a changing dynamic. I’ve tried my best to be rational and patient about it all, but it’s still been getting me down. This is not because anything bad happened, but because I trapped myself in a mindset of over-analysing everything. I thought it was all about me, I took things personally and forgot to practise compassion and empathy.

Last night, my sister sent me a message only a sister can send. She told me to pull myself together, move away from this situation and, more importantly, move away from the negative mindset I’d trapped myself in. She was right, and as I stirred dinner and read her message, I knew that I needed to change my way of thinking. I realised I was done with feeling anxious and that I was ready to choose a more positive mindset. It was time for a spring clean.

When I say spring clean, I do not mean shutting out feelings. I believe it’s important to acknowledge when we are feeling sad, angry or disappointed and why we are feeling that way. The thing is, I’d been sitting with feelings of sadness and confusion for so long, I’d analysed and unpacked those feelings until there was nothing left to unpack. I reached a point where I felt exhausted and like all my analytical energy had been expended.

But now, I am ready to plant some flowers in my mind, water them and nurture them so they can bloom. With the right amount of water and sunlight, I am ready for my mind to blossom into a bouquet of good people, walks outside, delicious dinners, satisfying days at work, time spent with family, uplifting music, more blogging, and maybe a block of dark chocolate. There will be moments and days where I forget to water the flowers, and maybe I’ll try to shove too much sunlight on them, but they’ll be there, growing.

Just like the seasons change, so do friends and the amount of time we spend with them. With each new season comes new people and new ways to spend our time. And, just like the seasons return, so do old friends. Everything is going to be okay, and so am I.


Featured Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

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