I walk the maze of moments

Before I started this blog, it took me what felt like a lifetime to come up with a name for the blog. Knowing that I didn’t yet have a niche or target audience, I wanted it to be something generic, easy to spell, short and catchy and, most importantly, something that was meaningful to me. With so many words in the English language you think it would be straightforward task. On the third day of brainstorming my head was spinning and I felt no closer to coming up with an appropriate title. This was frustrating as I was itching to start writing and begin the blogging process.

In the end I thought to myself, what always makes me feel grounded, centered, calm and at ease? I know, Enya. Ever since I was very young, I have loved listening to Enya’s music, particularly the songs on her ‘Paint the Sky with Stars’ album. Hearing her music immediately takes me back to being a six year old girl, and now that I am twenty-six, I do think her music is timeless. I familiarised myself with some of her lyrics and realised the first line of the song Anywhere Is is “I walk the maze of moments”. Aha! Life is a maze, life is full of moments, there are moments in the maze, my blog will be about said moments in said maze. Done.

Featured Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash


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